Friday, September 4, 2009

The damsel in distress syndrome

Yesterday while I was going back from office, my eyes fell upon few college girls trying to cross a very busy road.Well, crossing a busy road in the midst of busy traffic can always be challenging..nothing extraordinary in this observation till now..what was extraordinary was that they were somehow struggling more than that was normal for their age...holding hands..pushing each other..smiling shyly..Somehow there was an air of "damsel in distress" all around them. It made me wonder that were all of them really inept in crossing roads or is it a social conditioning that we, women are still in that "damsel in distress" mode..waiting for our knight in shining armour to come and rescue us from a tight spot!
This might be a stray incident but I have noticed this time and again. Some women find it difficlut to change the tube light at their home or some find it extremely trying to plan or even to think of their investments and so on and so forth . I mean these things dont really need physical strength right?
I agree that there is a sweet charm when you are taken care of but should that become a compulsion? Its not the girls or women to blame. Somewhere isnt it a social conditioning that makes us feel glorified in small ineptitudes and inefficiencies?


  1. Hey Arunima,
    I do agree with the social conditioning...mental block...fixed ideas on role of women and men. Men cooking or being a home maker...Its in our hands ( women) to mentor our children(girls and boys), the next generation to make the chnage and acceptance happen.

  2. Nice post. Welcome to blogging!;)
    Hope to see more of such delightful posts.

  3. Hi!
    You have it become a prolific writer. Keep it up! Shrijeet Chakraborti

  4. My dearest,

    A real beautiful piece of reflection of our society superbly painted by words. I hope those girls could have read it. Keep posting such critical issues to increase awareness among the new generation.

  5. oh man, am so glad to see you do this...if there is one person I know who will do it effectively its you...
    As for DDS (damsel in distress syndrome, how can you be a doctor and not acronymise:))...its unfortunately pervasive and positively fact from my medical days I felt being able was somehow unfeminine...
    But am so happy to see you best, as always;)
    Sagori (my profile name is cryptic)

  6. Haha...good reminds me of the "Dashing Pushing" White knight !!
    Hope you've seen the movie "Ki & Ka" :)