Friday, November 13, 2009

My School : time to say thank you

Its kind of a cliche to write about your school days but none the less I am going to do just the same right now. I think its long overdue. After all it is my e-diary right!!:)

If I tell you that those were the best days of my life, you might say oh come on..that's true for all or most of us..spare us the predictable...well, yes predictable but true and guess what I realized it much later in my life.

During my early years of schooling for some strange (or perhaps not so strange!) reasons I used to be very shy of saying out loud which school I was in. Well you see it was not the most fashionable one in town. It was Bengali medium and to my young mind that was one of the biggest drawbacks that I could ever have had at that time. I was not considered smart as I barely conversed in English, the most important trademark of smart people!!!I nurtured a secret grudge against my parents for getting me admitted there in the first place. For a long time, I always wanted to hide behind others in social gatherings, in my dance school and so on and so forth.

And then something changed. Of course my ever supporting, loving and never demanding family was the reason why I could ever see beyond the mundane but there was something in my school that gave me the power to dream on and make the dreams a reality most of the times.

My School became a platform which made me love myself. The happiness of doing well in exams, the sheer excitement of a school debate or being the 'class monitor' for the first time gave me so much confidence, gave me so much positive energy that I could ignore anything negative that was happening around me. My life was filled with small dreams and aspirations. Dream of speaking in English as well as my "smart" friends, dream of making a mark for my self, dream of becoming an individual with straight spine.

So many things have touched me so deeply during my school days that even today I become completely engulfed by the emotions when I look back. This blogpost will become a book if I try to list out what I learned from my school but I think it suffices to say that the learnings went beyond the pages of the books. Some of my teachers (I dont want to name them here) taught me the very meaning of self esteem, they taught me the power of belief in myself and yes they believed in me.

Well it was no Utopia. Its like any other school. There were good teachers who nurtured your talents and there were the bad ones who judged you just by your marks. There were phases when I had many good friends to time when I had no friends! There were people who tried to pull you down especially at the time when you wanted to soar high. But somehow today I can say with pride that the positive energy that I gathered from there far outweighed the negative ones and I can find no better platform to say thank you to my school. Thanks Kamala Girls High School for believing in me. Thanks for giving me wings to fly.


  1. School days are special. Always. No matter what. School might not exactly be paradise-like; school still makes us what we become - well, most of it, in a way.
    It is so special to relive one's school days through ones reflections, later in life. Our perspective crystallizes and our vision widens.
    While in school, we look wide-eyed at the world outside, which is at once scary, because of the unfamiliarity, and tempting because of the romance in our hearts.
    It is later, in our adulthood, that
    the world-gone-so-wrong makes us reaffirm the importance of our school days & that of our formative years.

  2. Good to see a proud bird passed out from a Bengali medium school flying high and indeed proud for her school.Keep it up dear.
    I am also feeling nostalgic now for my Bengali medium Rasulpur B.M.H.S. School.